Play-BIG is a system toy produced by BIG-Spielwarenfabrik GmbH & Co KG (also known as the Bobby-Car produced by it ) from 1975 to 1979. It essentially consists of game figures and corresponding accessories. Compared to today’s competing product Playmobil, these are slightly larger and show the proportions of adult people. Unlike Playmobil, legs and feet can be moved individually.

The second generation of the Play BIG game models is distinguished by interchangeable front and rear panels, which should provide enhanced realism and the expansion of the product range. The accessories are more detailed and realistic than the Playmobil products at the time, Eg the vehicles are usually real role models. Unlike Playmobil (at that time), there are Play BIG characters that do not smile but have a sad or angry expression.

In addition to Playmobil, the company BIG tried to add to the fact that it offered as a Play BIG game world also modern military, with appropriate weapons, uniforms and military vehicles. According to the philosophy of Playmobil founder Horst Brandstätter , Playmobil offers no military after 1900. [1]

Play-BIG could not get through the market and stopped production in 1979. The succession series that BIG later brought to the market, such as Play-BIG Flizzies or Bloxx, partly also had moving play figures, but otherwise had not much more to do with the original idea of ​​a realistic “small world”.

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